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Privacy Policy

Last update: 4 January 2022

Applies to: LiFE Application Software end user only


Tenses Limited (“Tenses”) understands that your privacy is important to you, and you care about how your personal information is used.  This privacy policy explains how we use your personal information, and what rights you have in our use of your personal information.  This privacy policy applies to the collection of personal information while operating Tenses’ LiFE Application Software (“LiFE App”).


Local laws may require us as an application developer to offer you a means to opt out of the sale of your personal information.  First and foremost, Tenses does not collect and/or sell your personal information through the interaction and operation of LiFE App, so there is no need for you to “opt out of sale”.


If you use LiFE App, or if you “sign in” to your LiFE App account, please review those individual privacy notifications, which provide additional details specific to those App or account.




Tenses puts privacy as our top priority.   It is our goal to reduce the collection of personal information to the absolute minimum.  Throughout the development of the LiFE App, we have taken privacy into account so as not to access or collect personal or any information stored on your devices.




Throughout your interaction with and operation of LiFE App, your personal information is not required as follows:


1. Installation

2. Set up of /                Sign in to end          user account(s)

3. Operation

No access or collection of personal information by Tenses is required

A. Tenses installs a stand-alone and localized controller at the premises                                                 designated by end user for operating LiFE App; and

B. End user uses his own devices to download and install the LiFE App

A.  End user uses his own devices to set up his own account(s) (including registering and                     changing login name(s) and password(s) thereafter) under LiFE App platform; and

B.  End user uses his own devices to sign in to his own account(s) under LiFE App                                  platform.

A.  Subject to Example 2.B. above, end user uses his own devices to select the features and operate the functions under LiFE App platform such as:

     i. Customization

     ii. Configuration

     iii. System Tools

B.  Subject to Example 3.A. above, end user may alternatively use or allow third-party to use            non-registered devices to select the features and operate the functions under LiFE App            platform.  Such process does not involve the collection of personal information of the                third-party non-registered devices.

      For instance, third-party non-registered devices may be allowed to operate the                          functions under “Instant Lighting” of “Configuration” by scanning the “QR Code”                      generated thereunder.



Tenses always adopts the DATA MINIMIZATION APPROACH in handling your privacy.


To ensure that you are always aware of the update of this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect any changes to our approach.  We may also make changes as required to comply with changes in applicable law or regulatory requirements.  We will notify you by e-mail of any significant changes.  However, we encourage you to review this Privacy Policy periodically to be informed of any update and changes.




Contact us at the following and please be sure to indicate the nature of your request:


1. Email:

2. Telephone: +852 2771-1790

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