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Control4 entertainment solutions create the ultimate audio/video experience—in one room or every room, no matter the size of

your home. Experience the latest 4K movies, stream high-resolution music, enjoy unlimited entertainment, or create an unbeatable home theater experience.

Technology disappears and you simply interact with your favorite movies and music from an easy-to-use, intuitive Control4 interface, such as a hand-held remote, tabletop touch screen, the phone in your pocket, or with the simplest interaction method of all—your voice.

7" and 10" Tabletop Touch Screens

are sleek, portable devices giving

you dedicated control over all

your entertainment—a device that

matches the beauty of your home.



Video in every room, clean and clutter-free

Enjoy beautiful, 4K high-definition video in every

room without the jumble of cables behind the TV, bulky components and a table full of remotes. With multi-room video, everyone can enjoy the same movie or watch what they want in any room of the house. Share your entire movie library, and stream video and satellite channels throughout the home without the need for additional video sources in each room. And the simple, elegant design of our interfaces, from remotes to wall or tabletop touch screens, fits perfectly with any decor.

Multiply your entertainment options

With Control4, you can distribute 10 HDMI

sources (satellite/cable boxes, streaming

media, media players or gaming devices) to 10

video display locations with full 4K HD clarity,

all in a centralized, out-of-sight location.




Limitless entertainment with a single remote 

Whether you’re automating a family room or a dedicated home theater, Control4 has the ideal entry point to your smart home. With a single remote, you can control your entire entertainment system, with the ability to add control of the entire home. 


All of your content is at your fingertips, from Blu-ray movies to satellite TV, all in stunning, 4K high-definition video and surround sound. Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives and portable devices, or browse through them all simultaneously.



Built-in music services with every system

Enjoy access to millions of songs, playlists,

podcasts and radio stations through popular

streaming services such as Deezer, Napster,

Pandora, TIDAL and TuneIn—already included

in every system, and with the ability to add

dozens more of your favorite music services.

For even greater expansion of your audio

streaming options, Airplay compatibility

gives you access to your personal library of

music using any iOS device. Even guests can

stream their own music through your home.

Greater accessibility for your acoustics

Fire up your playlist on the patio, right from the

smartphone in your pocket. Enjoy always-on

convenience from the touch screen in the kitchen.

Even start, stop and skip music from a keypad

on the wall. Control4 is changing the way you

access and experience the music in your home.



Listen here, listen there

Every member of your family can listen to and

control the tunes they want, from wherever

they are in the home. Play the same playlist

throughout the entire house or let let family

members choose their own music in their

own rooms, using their own smartphones or

tablets. Even manage the volume and start,

stop, or skip music, quickly and easily with

a single press on a configurable keypad.

Discover the difference

Anyone with an affinity for music will

appreciate the premium clarity and

immersiveness of Control4 multi-room audio.

High-resolution audio comes standard on

every new system, so you can indulge in the

greatest of sound just as the artist intended.

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